Yoga Pants from a T-shirt


I love yoga pants. I will wear them all day, especially if I am teaching a class at any point in the day.  My favorites are the three pairs I have made from t-shirts. I get the t-shirts from a variety of places such as St.Vinnies and event t-shirts. The best part of this little sewing project is its a great one to learn how to sew with.

What you will need:

– A T-shirt. I wear a size medium (8) in pants so a mens large works great.

– Fabric scissors

– A sewing machine ( I guess you could do it by hand…)

– Pins

– A close pin

– Seam ripper

– Thread

– A tie (two shoe laces sewn together works, so does two strips of the t-shirt fabric stitched lengthwise)

Here is the T-shirt. I really like this one, the soft breathy fabric and bright pretty blue caught my eye at St. Vinnies. I snagged it for about $2. Yay for reusing.

Be brave and cut your t-shirt up. Cut the sleeves off along the seam leaving the seam attached to the body. Cut along the top of the shirt, removing the collar. Then cut right up the middle. Don’t be afraid to cut a little wonky. As you can see I was a bit off on cutting the collar. You can even it out by matching the two parts together and trimming.









Set the sleeves aside for now. Take your two body pieces which are now your leg pieces and flip them inside out placing one piece on the other. Make sure the outside of both pieces are on the inside now. Yep, its confusing. Sorry that’s sewing for ya. You will get used to it… maybe.










Sew along that round seam. It’s a tiny bit challenging. Just make sure the fabric under the needle is even and not folded under and you will be golden. Grab the sides and pull putting the seam you just made in the middle. Wow! Already looking like pants! Look inside is it right side out in there? Yes? Move on to the next step. No? Grab your seam ripper and undo what you just did… make sure the outside is inside and re-pin and sew. Practice makes perfect.









Do you want loose legs or tight legs? If you want loose go ahead and pin up the sides and sew them up. For tight you can eyeball it by removing a triangle of fabric from the bottom up. Start with 2 inches at this point. Now you can pin it and sew it.









At this point you can put on your pants to see if you like the fit. They will be weird on top, that is okay. Just check the crotch. Nobody wants a camel toe. You can check the fit of the legs too. Just bring it in a bit with a pin, sew it then chop off the extra.
Grab your sleeves and cut them along the bottom seam. These were extra roundy so I eyeballed some of the curve off.  Really, there is a lot of forgiveness in this project. Take the two pieces and put them together front sides facing in. Remember that seam ripper…









Here is the hardest part… which I did backwards but I didn’t care really. Take your two sewn together sleeves which now look like a waistband and turn them wrong side in, put your pants inside the waistband and pin the edges on top. Sew it together using the sleeve arm on your sewing machine. Or you can do it like I did here… really it looks fine. I did the same thing but with the waist band inside the pants. You can also check your fit here. If the side seams of the waist band and the side seams of the pants don’t match up either remove or add some fabric.









Having your pins handy put the pants on right side out if you did it the ‘correct’ way or inside out if you did it my way.  Fold the waist band in half. Put a pin on the right side seam, then the left seam then one in the front and one in the back. GENTLY remove the pants and add another pin between the front and side pins.  Sew it down pulling a little bit on the fabric as you sew to create give.









Now you need a tie. Again while wearing your pants adding pins starting with the sides then the front pin off an even amount on top of about an inch. Gently remove them and zig zag stitch along the pins.









Decide which side is your front. I put them on both ways and pick the prettiest side.  Cut a SMALL hole on the inside of the waist band above your zig zag stitch. Yay for jersey knit which doesn’t ravel.









Grab your tie. This one is from a pair of shorts that really didn’t need a tie. I like the color combo.  Grab your close pin and pin up the edge of your tie. Feed the close pin through the top of your pants. Its easiest of you push it through, grab it through the fabric then even out the fabric moving like that in 4 – 6 inch increments.









Tie knots in your tie so it doesn’t get lost in your waist band. Also, remember to tie it in a bow before washing (I bet you knew that!).









Test out your new yoga pants immediately!



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