Homemade Muscle Balm

Basic Salve Recipe

This recipe is really useful and can be expanded into other recipes which you will see below.

What you will need.

  • Mason jar
  • pot
  • tongs
  • .25 oz bees wax
  • organic oil ( I like almond a lot but any oil will do)

First, sterilize your jar and lid in a boiling water bath for 11 minutes. Also, make sure your kitchen is good and clean and you

spray down the area you are working in with vinegar and soap water. Your salve will last a lot longer if you start out with everything nice and clean. After 11 minutes, go ahead and use your tongs to dump out the water in your jar and remove the lid to an easy to reach location that is clean. Return the jar to the boiling water and add more water if you need (return to a boil). Add about 3 oz of oil to your jar. I have 4 oz jam jars that work perfect. Now add your bees wax. Keep and eye on it and stir it with a (clean) stick (left over chop sticks from takeout is great for this). Once the wax has fully melted turn off your heat and remove the jar using your tongs. Allow to cool. All done! Wasn’t that easy? This salve is terrific for your skin and all natural.

Homemade “Tiger Balm”

If your background is anything like mine and you’ve studied martial arts then you know what a wonderful thing Tiger Balm can be. The good news is you don’t have to be a blackbelt in jujitsu to appreciate its muscle soothing effects. I have changed my recipe a bit from the store bought version. First since I am trying to be as natural as possible I don’t use petroleum products which is the main base ingredient of the commercial stuff. Also, I only use the active ingredients and add lavender.  I suppose I could call it just muscle soothing balm but the name Tiger Balm has been pretty much entrenched in my mind.

Ingredients and tools.

What you will need.

  •  2 – Mason jars
  •  2 – pots
  • strainer
  • tongs
  • small bowl or spaghetti sauce jar (or something like that)
  •  Camphor essential oil
  •  Menthol essential oil
  •  Option: Lavender essential oil, Eucalyptus essential oil
  •  bees wax (.50 oz)
  •  Organic oil (Almond is great but any will work. Massage quality is the nicest)
Sterilizing the jar

Start by sterilizing the jar and lid you are going to use to store the balm. An 11 minute boiling water bath is sufficient. If you can jam its just the same

as that. While you are doing that you can decide if you want lavender. If you have essential oil or don’t wish to add it, skip

ahead. If you do want lavender and you have some growing in your yard at this point you can infuse the oil. I don’t have a double boiler and I also tend to stay away from having too many kitchen items with only one purpose. So I use the other mason jar and place it in the middle of my pot. Then I fill the pot half way up the jar with water. Add about 6 oz of oil to your jar ( I have 8 oz jars so its easy to guesstimate). Wash your lavender and add the flowers to the oil. It could take a while so just let it infuse into the oil until the flowers have lost their color and are oil saturated. The oil will smell of lavender.

Strain the flowers from the oil.

At this point you will use the salve recipe above for your balm base. Once the bees wax has melted into the infused oil add the essential oil. This stuff is powerful so you will be adding a lot of oil. You want about 10% of your balm to be essential oil. That’s about (and I am no math whiz) and oz and a half.  The camphor and menthol will really become apparent as you add it. If you aren’t sure you can test it before you let it cool. Just dip a spoon in, let it cool and rub it on your hand. If the smell is only faint you don’t have enough. Of course this is all subjective, this is your muscle balm make it the strength you want.  I personally like mine strong.

After you have figured out your strength pick up your jar using the tongs and set it on a towel or trivet to cool. put on the lid.

“Tiger Balm” finished. This should keep for a year if you properly sterilized and keep it in a dark place.

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