About Yoga Strong

MEI chose the name Yoga Strong as my blog name after much thought into what yoga meant to me. I have made yoga a large part of my life because of the great benefits it has given me. The biggest one being the strength to move through this world. Yoga strengthens the body it strengthens the mind and it can strengthen the spirit.

This blog focuses mostly on strength through conditioning of the body using yoga asanas. Also, this blog focuses on healthy eating habits, holistic alternatives to health and beauty products and common health problems. Many articles focus on groups of asanas for helping injuries in a particular part of the body such as the spine and also asanas to do to prevent injury. Articles on healthy and delicious vegetarian meals can be found on Yoga Strong. Keeping our personal environments as well as the Earth environment as clean from toxins as we can is important so articles for alternatives to everyday household cleaners and chemicals can be found here too.

IMG_6135bMy name is Krislyn and I am happy to hear from you any time you have a question about the above mentioned or about yoga in general.  Also, I am an artist with another blog focusing on that here. I am 34, I live in Springfield Oregon and I am married to a supportive and wonderful husband, Brian. I hope you will enjoy Yoga Strong and it helps you to become a more strong you.



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