Why I love Meditating!

IMG_6182 Meditation. It’s kind of a loaded word. Some people run in fear and some people are curious. Some people can sit for hours! Here are MY reasons why I love meditating!

– It is my reset. It’s the change of the season, my family demands my attention, I strive to be the best yoga teacher I can, I have chores that need doing, my mind races with whens, hows and wheres. Whoa! Slow down. I find even five minutes (though I prefer longer) brings me back to me and by golly things just don’t seem that stressful anymore!

– I use it to set personal intentions. You can say goals or wishes or wants. I like the word intention. I feel like after I have calmed myself and found an inner space I can set my mind on an intention or a focus. Eat better, sleep better, practice longer, be a better spouse, drink more water. Whatever.

– It makes me feel more balanced and connected. I like doing my meditation after my asana practice. I fell like, “okay, the body is worked out. Time to work that brain!” I like to try different meditation styles: picturing a flower, focusing on an idea, taking a mental vacation, thinking of nothing. They are all great! Just like my body wants strength training, flexibility and cardio so my mind wants a variety too.

– It just makes me feel good. Do what makes you feel good! There is everything right with that!

I hope my reasons might help you focus on your reasons. Why do you like to meditate? Are you a veteran ‘meditater’ or just contemplating trying it for the first time? Maybe the idea is intimidating or fascinating? Ask yourself why you do… or don’t do it. Then get to it!


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