6 Poses to heat up your Summer Yoga routine!

Here are some poses I feel work well in my Summer routine. I love being warm so when the sun is out I am full of energy! Enjoy.

IMG_5743b Modified Uttana Padasana

This pose is for the strong of neck and bendy of back. I like it with the legs down because I feel more steady. Come to lie on your back with your arms beside you. Bring yourself into fish pose (matseyasana) by lifting your sternum, bending your elbows and slowly releasing your head back. Support yourself with your arms as you breath in reach the chest to the sky and find the crown of your head on the floor. Now bring the hands to heart center and raise them above you together without straining. To release the pose lower the arms to forearm, breath in and release the head and come to flat back.

Matseyasana is a great alternative to this pose if your cervical spine isn’t yet strong enough.




Actually, I love locust pose and do it at every practice but why not give it a try this summer!? Come to your belly and rest your forehead on the ground, hands palms in against the thighs. Breathing in peal the chest up with the gaze low. Peel the legs up reaching the toes to the back of the room. Squeeze the legs together, clasp the hands behind the back and lift them away from the glutes. Stay her for 5 breaths. On the final breath reach everything up then slowly release all tension to the floor. Let your body contact the floor and rest for a few breaths. A great modification is half locust. Only do the chest or only the legs. You can even switch off.



Another good one if you have a pretty strong neck. Of course you can try it with your chin tucked. Come to Dandasana or

IMG_5822seated with legs long infront, hands planted on either side of your hips. Walk the hands back about a shoulder width. Shift your weight back into your hands, point your toes and pick up your hips reaching them for the sky. Release the head back if you feel steady. Hold for 3 – 5 breaths then slowly lower the glutes back to the ground. A good modification is to bend the legs coming up in a reverse table top.




This is a great pose after doing lots of backbends and works perfectly with Plow pose. In fact, plow is your alternative to this pose. After coming into plow bend your knees and move them back to the side of your head. You can put a gentle pressure on the backs of your knees with your hands or if your knees are down reach the hands behind the back and clasp the fingers. What a great neck release!
To come out extend the legs to plow and roll your spine to the floor coming back to a flat back.





I like this arm balance because it is pretty. I also like it because there are a few levels to it making it more accessible in the begining but still challenging as you progress.  Come into forward fold with your legs really bent. Step the feet apart and turn the toes out a bit. Bring your hands behind the heals bending your arms. Now sit back onto the back of your upper arm. At the first level bring the toes together in front of you. Next try to straighten your knees squeezing your thighs to your arms. Gaze is a little infront. Finally try to bring the legs up on the arms and the shoulders under the thighs. I can’t do that. ha ha. If you can… great! 3 – 5 breaths or until you accidentally slide off your arms onto your rump.



Wow is this one’s challenging. Hardest for last. Sit with one leg out in front and the other leg bent flat of the foot on the ground. Dip the same shoulder  as the bent leg down and using your hands bring the thigh up and over the shoulder. Bend the bottom leg hooking the feet in front of you.  Lean forward planting both hands firmly on the ground under you elbows bent. Place your weight forward on your hands and slowly straighten your legs out to the side. Hold for 3 – 5 breaths… or for 3 -5 milliseconds. ha!



There you go six high energy poses for summer! Enjoy. Namaste.


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