Yoga studio mural

IMG_5434If you have been following my blog you might have noticed the mural behind me in all my photos and my youtube video. I recently updated the blank area on this mural so I thought I would take a moment to talk about it. Before I was a Yogini I was an artist. Both are pretty much essential parts of who I am and a huge part of my self identity. It felt only natural to me to decorate my walls with art both on canvas and straight onto the wall. When I moved my studio into what had been my bedroom the current mural was already on the wall. The blank space is where the bed was. As I was practicing my yoga the blank space would call to me often distractingly so. It had to be completed. I didn’t want to change the overall mural. Not only did I put a lot of work into it but it is still a very relevant piece of art to me and my husband. So, I decided to update it just as I have updated myself. It’s like that space was left there until I was ready to fill it in with what it needed. Just like we sometimes have to be patient with our own lives waiting for what needs to happen to fill us up and complete us.

Once I decided to complete this blank space on the mural it was only another breath of time before the image flashed into my mind on what I wanted to be there. A calm peaceful yogi complete with balanced Chakras. Not only that but referring to the history of art in India in style but painted with my own colors. I was inspired by the Sarnath Buddha from the Gupta art period. However, if you look at most Chakra diagrams the Chakra are colored specific to their function. In the case of mine I decided to depict balance through the Chakras by using all the colors of the Chakra on the figure and then I used black outlines with white highlights to create the Chakra. I continued the stones down and around the figure and the water down in front of him. He has a chiaroscuro or inner glow. As facing in a mirror his left side is cool colors and the right is warm to represent the moon & sun channels of the body. With my mural complete my studio feels even more like the peaceful space I intended it to be fore my practice.



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