Warrior Routine -written out-

Here is the written version of my recent Youtube video. This series can be inserted into your Sun Salutation for variety or added as is to a yoga class. I recommend warming up your legs first with plank or chair pose to prevent injury.

1. Step your right foot back into warrior 1. Front leg 90 degrees, both feet firmly planted into the ground. Push your right hip forward and left hip back to square your hips. Breath in straighten your spine and lift your arms above your head. Breath out come a little further into the pose. 3 – 5 breaths.









2. Next in breath bring your hands to heart center and on the out breath turn your hips out to the right and bring your arms out parallel to the floor coming into Warrior 2. Front leg still at a 90 degree, maybe lightening up on the bend if you feel challenged. Breath in and stretch your arms wide broadening the chest. Breath out and try to come down a little further. 3-5 breaths.








3. On your next in breath straighten your front leg and on the out breath hinge your hips forward letting your body fall sideways towards your front thigh. Triangle pose. Bring your front hand to your thigh, shin, ankle or the floor. Back hand comes up straight above your shoulder. Pull your arm away from your body, rolling shoulders away from your ears. Breath in lengthen your spine. 3-5 breaths.








4. Turn your feet to the side of your mat and swing your arms down and around to the front with your head hanging forward. Clasp your elbows and let your spine hang long.  3 – 5 breaths








5. Breath in and place your hands on the ground under your face raising your torso parallel to the ground.  Breath in and lengthen your spine.  1-3 breaths.







6. Place your right hand under your face and lift your left hand up towards the sky. Body is still parallel to the ground. Breath in and straighten your spine. Breath our and twist your torso trying to turn it towards the ceiling. Remember not to lock your knees and keep your shoulders away from your ears. 3 – 5 breaths.









7. Switch hands. Breath in and straighten breath out and twist.











— turn your left foot to the front of the mat and follow with your right coming to forward fold. Come up to mountain and repeat the series for your left leg —











8. Bring your feet into hip distance, turn your toes out to the corners of your mat and squat down into resting squat. Bring your hands to heart center and rest your forehead between your pointer finger and thumb. Relax here taking as many breaths as you need.

Great job! This series is great for leg strengthening and hip opening.


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